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Fun at Pixar
May 20, 2009

I just got back from Pixar in Emeryville, California where I met with my good friend Steve Pilcher, who is currently art directing one of their upcoming movies, The Bear and the Bow. Steve and I worked together at Warner Bros for many years most notably on "Osmosis Jones". I've always enjoyed Steve's visual sense and great artistic abilities so you can imagine my delight when he asked me to help out with the special effects designs for this exciting project.

While I spend the next few weeks creating effects visualization for TBATB, work will still continue on ITSP. I have generated loads of visual material and assets to keep the team going before I resume my involvement in a few weeks.

Before starting work for Pixar this upcoming Monday, I intend to use the rest of this week to forge ahead on ZED #10, which has been moving very slowly due to my other projects taking up all my working hours. So much to do...

New Post on ITSP Blog
May 16, 2009

Go to to read the entry.

New Post on ITSP Blog
May 10, 2009

New Post on ITSP Blog
May 2, 2009

Media Launch for Vancouver International Jazz Festival
April 30, 2009

Yesterday was the media launch for the 24th annual Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Nancy and I were both invited to this exclusive event and we had a really good time. The incredible line-up of musicians as well as my poster design was revealed to the enthusiastic media. In a few days, as the promotional campain for the festival kicks into high gear, there will be thousands of posters all over Vancouver. Pretty cool.

New Post on ITSP Blog
April 25, 2009

Elemental Magic Book Lauching Party
April 21, 2009

Yesterday, I received a copy of Elemental Magic: The Classical Art of Hand Drawn Animation from Focal Press. People who follow my log may remember that I posted about the book last November when Joe (my friend and author of the book) asked me to write the foreword for it. Now that I have the book in hand, I can honestly say that it doesn't disappoint. Anyone with an interest in traditional FX animation should go buy a copy right now. Joe is having a launch party in Vancouver on Friday, April 24th and needless to say, I'll be attending. Hope to see some of you there as well. Click below for details.

New Post on ITSP Blog
April 18, 2009

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet gets a blog!
April 11, 2009

Hello folks. Many months ago, a decision was reached by concensus by my partners at Fuelcell and I, that we would keep quiet about our videogame, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, until we get closer to our release date. Although, I was itching to release new footage and images, I held myself back and agreed to keep everything under wrap.

I'm happy to announce that we've decided to break our vow of silence and start sharing some of our work on-line to get people excited. As production progresses, I will share our triumphs and hardships, I will update with insights, videos and images at least a couple of times a month. I hope you'll enjoy the ride. Read the blog at

Award Nomination
April 4, 2009

I'm delighted to be nominated for a 2009 Joe Shuster Award in the Best Cartoonist category. This is my second JSA nomination (the other one was in 2007) for my “Saga of Rex” contributions to the annual Flight anthology. Cool.

You can read the full list of nominees here.


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